Sports Health

Your spine is the foundation for everything.  It is the foundation upon which every joint moves. Every joint in the body is designed to move within a specific range of motion. If your posture or structure is not ideal, you are not moving well. Over time this has a negative effect on your performance and may contribute to pain and poor performance.

When joints are not positioned properly, they are also not moving well, the grinding away at those joints are contributing to degeneration, otherwise known as arthritis. Although poor biomechanics are not the only cause of degeneration, it does add to it. This is not normal. Joints are designed to move well through the entirety of your life as long as they are positioned properly and given proper nutrition. If you are experiencing pain in movement it is a sign that there is something wrong. Having a professional take a look at what may be the cause and addressing it early on will not only allow the body to heal quicker but it will also add to one’s longevity.

Every athlete wants to give it their best. You can only be your best when you are functioning properly.
Have your posture looked at by a professional and address the foundation which will allow you to perform better.

Miguel Park, DC